Blackjack Casinos

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Since blackjack is so popular, it is available to play in almost all big online casinos. Because the player has to make choices, it`s a harder casino game to get into, but also a more rewarding one. You really feel as if you have an influence on the game, and you do of course. We`ll go over the main ways to play blackjack in online casinos.

Table blackjack

This is the most ‘classic` way of playing blackjack in an online casino, since it has been around longest. You play in a simulated environment, against a computer that generates random numbers to ensure fairness. It`s the quickest way to play blackjack, so if you like that this is probably the way to go. It`s also the ‘coldest` way to play, for some players it feels to fake and simulated. It is both of those things, but some find this more important than others.

Live blackjack

If you want a more personal experience, live blackjack is what you want. From a casino studio the game is being led by live dealer, and is streamed to your screen. Often in high definition, and with just a few seconds delay to make sure you really feel like you`re there. Since it`s just between you and the dealer in blackjack, the live dealer can really enhance your experience. You can interact with them and enjoy the occasional banter, but that doesn`t mean they aren`t professional. They are, and you won`t see the difference between a live casino dealer and a real casino dealer.

Blackjack for mobile

Nowadays we can`t live without are smartphones, it has taken over almost all aspects of our daily life. This extends itself to online casinos as well. Most quality online casinos allow you to play on their site on any mobile device as well. This means you can play from anywhere you want really! Head on over to their site and you`ll automatically be taken to the mobile casino. In this mobile casino you have then the same choice as on a computer, do you want to play table blackjack, or live blackjack? Both have its pros and cons, but now you can also add the advantage of mobility to that list!