Casinocasino likes to double your bonuses and deposits. You can also see this in their motto: "we make gaming double the fun!". This makes Casinocasino a very attractive online casino. You do not need to make a deposit or subscribe for an account to play at Casinocasino. They also offer all of their games for free. This gives you an excellent opportunity to practice at certain games. By knowing how a game works and understanding the game to a deeper layer increases your chances of winning. A good example for a game which you should only play if you know how, is blackjack.

Extra information

Blackjack has always been very popular. The goal of the game is to beat the bank or dealer. You can do this by getting closer to the number of 21 with normal playing cards. However, if you get more than 21 points, you lose. This means that you should understand what your chances are of winning with certain cards. Therefore, we will state a couple of tips and tricks for blackjack: to increase your chances of winning!

The very basic rules for blackjack come down to knowing when to double down, split and when to take a hit. You can also buy insurance, but this is almost never a good idea.

Double down: You should double down when you have a total of ten, but not if the dealer has a ten or an ace. You can also double down with a total of eleven, but not if the dealer has an ace.

Split: You should split twos, threes, sixes, sevens and nines, but not if the dealer has a seven or higher. Splitting pairs of for example aces and eights is also a good idea.

Take a hit: You should take a hit with a total of eleven or less. When the dealer`s card is seven or higher, you should also take a hit if you have between twelve and sixteen. You should not take anymore hits with a hard total of seventeen or higher. However, if you have a soft seventeen or less, always take a hit. If the dealer has a six or less, you can also consider taking a hit at a soft eighteen.

You should never split a pair of 10-value cards, such as tens, Jacks, Queens or Kings. Buying insurance is also not a very good idea, since the dealer only even get a natural 30% of the time once he gets an ace, so it makes no sense to bet on him. Never take any more hits with a soft nineteen or higher.