Blackjack Tips

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Blackjack is the ultimate card game when it comes to player influence. If you play badly, you will lose a lot. If you play well, you`ll lose a lot less! Because this player influence blackjack is not suited for everyone. It increases the pressure, and some people just want to relax if they go play in a casino, online or offline. But if you do like that, you`ll get an extra rewarding experience. But since you as the player have a lot of influence on the game, it is important you know what to do. We already covered some basic tips and rules, and now we`ll expand on those.


In principle to play a hand, you have to make a bet. This means you bet on yourself winning the hand. After your initial bet, you get two cards and the dealer as well. Now unless you have a natural blackjack, a term for your first two cards being worth 21, you have to make a choice. And you have multiple things to choose. Do you want to stand? That is usually smart to do if you already have a hand value reasonably close to 21. Do you want to hit? Do this if you hand value is low.

You can also split, meaning the two cards you had will both become separate bets, and an extra card is drawn to each. This can be very useful in the right situation. You can also double down, this means doubling your bet, but also not being able to draw more than 1 extra card. These are the basics of the different bets you can make.


The dealer shows one of his cards, but not both of them. The dealer`s card you see, combined with your initial hand value is the most important thing in determining what to do next. There is a very long list of things that are smart to do for certain combinations of these two factors. We`d suggest you look them up online, or watch videos about it and then put them to practice to see how they work out. It is too many to cover here.

Free or bonus play

A good way to test your newfound skills, is free play. Without any risk you can try any strategy you deem worthy. When you notice it is working well, you can decide to play for money. Or, better yet, use the casino bonus to your advantage! Many casinos offer a deposit bonus, for example doubling your first deposit. This money you can use to try your favorite strategy at blackjack!