Blackjack Variations

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There is one type of blackjack that is played way more than others: punto banco. But that doesn`t mean there aren`t any other variants! Some have better house advantages, some have worse. Some follow the main rules closely; others are entirely different! We`ll go through the main variations of blackjack, and talk about the advantages of each.

Common draw blackjack

This is a form of blackjack that you`ll sometimes encounter in the live casino. Basically it follows the same rule as normal blackjack, but the difference is that you share your starting cards with everyone in the lobby. This means that everyone has the same starting hand, it only differs what the players themselves choose. It is possible to double down, or splitting the hand individually though. The advantage of this form of blackjack is that it`s usually a way to enjoy live casino, with low starting bets. It can also be fun to see how you do against other players, since it purely comes down to tactic as everyone shares the same starting hand. The rules and thus also the strategy is the same as compared with normal blackjack.

Single deck blackjack

This is the version of blackjack with the lowest house advantage. Because there is just one deck, it is way easier to count cards. Counting cards is just calculating how big the chance is of drawing a certain card. Because there are only so much cards in one deck, you know that if an ace is drawn to you, there can only be a maximum of three left. It`s hard to really do this reliable, but in this version of blackjack the house has an advantage of only 0.15%! That`s the lowest of all blackjack variations!

Blackjack switch

Blackjack switch is a relatively new variation of blackjack. In this game the house actually has a bigger advantage, so in that way it`s a riskier game to play. But it can be very fun! The player always gets dealt two hand, and must have two bets of equal size. Now the name of the game comes in. You are allowed to switch your second card of each hand with each other! This means that two mediocre hands can create two better ones! Try it out for free, to get familiar with it.